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Below are some of our favorite brands and styles to print on. Choose your Quantity and Style below to see our current price lists. If you need a immediate quote, Hit us up! Contact@weneedmerch.com or 925-577-3132.

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If you don't see what you're looking for above, Don't panic! We can order any brand you would like. Search our catalog and find the perfect garment for your order. If you need a quote on any other types of garments that are not listed above, Just Contact Us! Contact@weneedmerch.com or 925-577-3132.

For standard graphic locations (ie back or side print) add .45 for the first color and .25 for each additional color.

For Specialty locations (sleeve, hood or on the pocket printing) add $1.25 for the first color and .25 for each additional color.

• There is a one time charge of $15.00 per color. This includes in-house seperations, film positive and screen use. You will not be charged again on re-orders.

• 2XL add $1.50 per piece
• 3XL add $2.00 per piece
• 4XL add $3.00 per piece
• 5XL add $4.00 per piece

"OVER SIZED" Print Upgrade

Want something bigger than our standard 13 x 18 print? Take your design to the next level and boost it up to 17 x 23!


"ALL OVER" Print Upgrade

Get your design blown up to cover an entire XXXL shirt with Full 60in x 60in coverage!


"Waterbase/Discharge" Ink Upgrade

When you want that soft hand vintage feel, waterbased/discharge ink's are the way to go!


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